Precious in the Sight of the Lord

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Precious in the Sight.mp3

The death of a Christian is precious in the sight of the Lord. In order for us to understand how the Word of God can say that, we must attempt to see things through God’s eyes. We see things as they appear to be, but God sees everything as it stands in his eternal order and purpose.

We all have highlights in our life. We each have moments that are precious. Our graduation, our marriage. The birth of children. The start of our first job. Out of all those highlights, none of us would place the day of our death as one of the highlights of our life. But that is not so with God. God’s purpose is to involve us in His eternal purpose. He has a place for us, and His design is to show us more of His goodness (Eph.2:7). Our death is precious to God because at that moment, we begin to experience a whole new realm of love and goodness. Should it not be precious to God, when He has so much bounty to shower upon us.