Keeping up with Fashion

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Keeping up with the latest fashion is a major concern for many young people. Fashion has always been big business. Most of the advertising that flashes across TV screens has to do with promoting fashion, or offering special deals to stay up with fashion. It is a trend which goes back to the dawn of time. In fact our love for fashion comes from the Originator of fashion – our Creator.

God is the Master Designer, and without a Master Designer, there would be no fashion. God admired the fashion of His Creation and said it was “all very good”. The Hebrew word for fashion is “YeTSeR”. If you were to go to a fashion show in Israel, you would go to a “HoReH YeTSeR”. The same Hebrew word is used when God “fashioned man out of the earth.” Jeremiah spoke of God shaping his life as a Potter does the clay. He used the same word for fashion – “as the clay is in the hand of the HaYoTSeR – the fashion designer, so are you in my hands”, says the Lord.”

In Psalm 139, David speaks of how he was fearfully and wonderfully made. He goes on to say that God designed the very events that controlled his daily existence, – and, you guessed it – he uses the same word YeTSeR – “the days fashioned for me, before there was any of them.”

So next time you think of fashion, try going beyond the shallow fabric of society and the trends of your friends, and consider the wonder of your physical frame. Think about the intricacy of your eyes. Stare at the versatility of your hands and feet. And while you do this, remember the One who fashioned you, and holds you together is the One whose hands and feet were pierced to purchase the salvation that is freely offered to you in His Name. If fashion leads you to salvation, then bring on fashion.