The King is Snubbed

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Have you ever been snubbed? The word means to be ignored. If you enter a gathering and no one wants to talk to you, you are snubbed. Worse than that – if no one wants to listen to you, you are snubbed. It can be very hurtful, particularly when you are young.

Several years ago, the Prime Minister of our country had the great honour of addressing the American Congress. It was only 2 months after the terrible terrorist attack of September 11th. It was reported on our televisions as a rare event. It had only happened once before. The Prime Minister, who was Mr. Howard, planned to give a stirring message that Australia would stand firm with the USA against all enemies.

In Australia, we were not told the truth of what really happened on that day. Prior to Mr Howard’s speech less than one third of the US congress was present. It was terribly embarrassing. The officials quickly rushed about the congress building gathering together whoever they could. All the clerks and secretaries and even the cleaners were rushed in to fill the empty seats.

We may feel hurt for our Prime Minister at what appeared to be a snub, but consider this! Our Lord Jesus Christ was also snubbed. He who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, entered into His own creation and was snubbed. The Bible says, Jesus was “God manifest in the flesh.” He was the promised Immanuel, which means, “God with us”. What kind of reception did He get? The Bible says, “He came to His own, but His own did not receive Him.” He was despised and rejected of men. Yet He who is All-powerful, willingly endured the snub in order to save all those who believe in Him from their sins. So the next time you feel snubbed, remember, One greater than you was snubbed much worse than you will ever be. Go to Jesus for comfort. He understands.