145 O Thou My Soul

145 O Thou my soul – LM.MP3

D Em A7 D
O thou, my soul, forget no more
Em A7 D D7
The Friend Who all thy misery bore;
G F#m7 B7
Let every idol be forgot,
Em A7 F#m7 B7
But, O my soul, forget Him not.
Em A7 D
But, O my soul, forget Him not.

Jesus for thee a body takes,
Thy guilt assumes, thy fetters breaks,
Discharging all thy dreadful debt;
And canst thou e’er such love forget?

Infinite truth and mercy shine,
In Him, and He Himself is thine:
And canst thou, then, with sin beset,
Such charms, such matchless charms, forget?

Ah! no—when all things else expire,
And perish in the general fire,
This Name all others shall survive,
And through eternity shall live.