381 Chosen of God

381 Chosen of God.mp3

E                 Dbm  F#m            B7
Chosen of God ere time begun,
E                 Dbm            F#m   B7
His sovereignty we prove;
A                          B7     Abm            Dbm
With Christ our Head accounted one
F#m            B7     E
In bonds of covenant love!

2 Chosen as sons and heirs of God,
Our names are there in heaven;*
Chosen to life through Jesus’ blood,
Our sins are all forgiven.

3 Chosen as witnesses, we speak
Of all our God has done;
Chosen to holiness, we seek
Our all in Christ alone.

4 Chosen to run the heavenly race,
The glorious prize to gain;
Chosen to persevere through grace,
We shall the crown obtain.

5 Thus chosen, we shall surely meet
On Zion’s* heights above;
And stand before the Lord complete,
Unblameable in love.
David Denham, 1791-1848