596 I Hear the Words of Love.

596 I Hear the Words of Love.mp3

Horatio Bonar is one of my favourite authors. He is a man who knew the gospel. He knew how to minister grace, and to teach it’s power. His many books are worth their weight in gold, especially ‘Follow the Lamb’, ‘The Way of Peace’, and the ‘Way of Holiness.’ His hymns are also a treasure. The original tune may well be favoured above mine, but if something new gets folk singing them, then all well and good.

Cmaj7 Fmaj7 C G
I hear the words of love, I gaze upon the blood,
F C Dm7 Dm7 C
I see the mighty sacrifice, And I have peace with God.

‘Tis everlasting peace!
Sure as Jehovah’s Name;
‘Tis stable as His steadfast throne,
Forevermore the same.

The clouds may come and go
And storms may sweep my sky;
This blood-sealed friendship changes not;
The cross is ever nigh.

My love is oft-times low,
My joy still ebbs and flows;
But peace with Him remains the same;
No change Jehovah knows.

I change, He changes not,
The Christ can never die;
His love, not mine, the resting place,
His truth, not mine, the tie.