740 Loving Shepherd of thy Sheep

740 Loving Shepherd.mp3

G           Em          C             G
Loving Shepherd of Thy sheep,
Am         Em          D
Keep me Lord, in safety keep;
Bm                                   Em
Nothing can Thy power withstand,
C                                         D
None can pluck me from Thy hand.

Loving Shepherd, Thou didst give
Thine own life that I might live,
May I love Thee day by day
Gladly Thy sweet will obey.

I would praise Thee every day,
Gladly all Thy will obey,
Like Thy blessèd ones above
Happy in Thy precious love.

Loving Shepherd, ever near,
Teach me still Thy Thy voice to hear,
Suffer not my steps to stray
From the straight and narrow way.

Where Thou leadest I would go,
Walking in Thy steps below,
Then before my Father’s throne
Jesus claim me for Thy own